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Elfhelp Pty Ltd is mainly a service rather than a retailer, but we do sell some Christmas items that we have found to be exceptionally good or unique.

We'll be adding to this catalogue as those items come to our attention/into our warehouse.

Christmas Tree Water-Stands

Elfhelp prefers these Texan-made Water-stands because they have spill-guards and spikes, they don't rust, they carry incredible weights, are easy to use - and they came with a 10 year warranty. And they have bolt holes so you can attach them to, say, a board of plywood, to carry even bigger trees. These are the same Tree-Stands that we Hire Out via our Booking Form for our Real Tree package service.

ID Description Price
S1 Small Tree Stand C-152 Small Tree Stand

For Trees up to 7 feet tall.
3.8 Litres Reservoir.
inc G.S.T.
S2 Medium Tree Stand C-148 Medium Tree Stand

For Trees up to 10 feet tall
6.6 Litres Reservoir.
inc G.S.T.
S3 Large Tree Stand C-144 Large Tree Stand

For Trees up to 12 feet tall
11.4 Litres Reservoir.
inc G.S.T.

Products can be purchased from our warehouse (see front page for warehouse location).
Prices do not include delivery. Delivery may be arranged to certain suburbs on certain dates.
Product/Purchase enquiries: email xseton@elfhelp.com.au.