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Undecorated Real Christmas Trees!

Elfhelp standard hire package is the home delivery, installation and Pickup of Small (1.8m / 6ft), Medium (2.1m / 7ft) and Large (2.45m / 8ft) live (freshly cut) Christmas trees in quality Water-Stands.

It's our most popular residential offering, but we also do these for private and public events, shopping centers and businesses, 1 night or whole season.

Prices can be found on the Booking form.

To ensure a fresh tree, select a day for delivery when we will be visiting your Suburb in Sydney.

A Whole cut tree in a good water stand survives 2 to 5 weeks depending on Sydney's Summer, installed environment & genetics.
(e.g. 1-2 weeks if outdoors, 2-3 weeks under strong air conditioning office/pub conditions, 3-5 weeks in a cool dark house)

Keep out of direct sun and wind. Ensure the water-stand never goes dry!
It will drink most in the first 24hrs, then slow down and you can check the water bowl every 3-4 days.
- longer if the weather doesn't get too hot, or if you have the tree in a naturally cool room. (Real trees don't like air-conditioners).

Also have a look at our Decorated Trees - but of course you are welcome to use/add your own decorations on an undecorated/decorated delivery!

Undecorated Real Trees

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