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Prop Hire 2020: Santa Sleighs!

19th Century Santa Sleighs available for Hire

Elfhelp has 6 Christmas Sleighs for Hire in Australia (from Sydney) ideal for:

- Santa & Children Photoshoots Events
- Display scene with Tree, Presents and Reindeers
- Suspended from ceilings in Shopping Centers
- for public Carol Events in the Park.

For Reservations and Quotes, please email us xseton@elfhelp.com.au.
Tell us the name of the Sleigh you like, the Start/End dates and the Purpose of Hire.

Available for Daily/Weekly or Seasonal Hire.

Hire Prices

Client Pickup/Return from our Sydenham (Inner West, Sydney) Warehouse:

24hr HIRE Rate: $550.00 inc. GST ($550/day)
Weekly HIRE Rate: $1,512.00 inc. GST ($216/day)
Monthly HIRE Rate: $3,775.00 inc. GST ($121/day)

Elfhelp delivery/pickup to and from your site may be available - please enquire for pricing.
Under 45 min one way from Leichhardt, delivery/install/pickup is $363 inc. GST.
A CBD surcharge may apply.

Sleigh 1 - "Resolute" - Booked Out 2022

Sleigh 2 - "Renoun"

Sleigh 3 - "Endeavour"

Sleigh 4 - "Sovereign"

Sleigh 5 - "The Black Pearl"

Sleigh 6 - "Rudolf's Revenge"

The Albany Cutter

Built 1820-1890 in New York and Pennsylvania USA, these classic "Albany Cutters" are refurbished antiques, perfect for seating Santa Claus and child for Photo ops and Christmas Scenes.

This style of two-passenger sleigh was the winter vehicle of choice for many well-to-do families during the height of the Romantic Period ~1850 in New York. Carriage maker James Goold of Albany, New York, developed the elegant, swell-sided sleigh design by the 1830s.

Unlike other sleighs, the Albany cutter's body and runners were built as one unit. It took much skill to fashion the sleigh's graceful, curved shape, requiring a craftsman to carefully steam and bend the wood components. Other builders widely copied Goold's design and it eventually became the second most popular winter passenger vehicle in the United States (after the easier-to-build, straight-sided Portland cutter).